Ellen DeGeneres Claims She’s Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate — and Edits Herself Into KUWTK Episode  

Step aside, Karla Kardashian — Ellen DeGeneres has found a new approach to turn a partial of a famous family.

On Thursday’s part of her speak show, a horde teased a vital proclamation for her viewers: She was going to exhibit a temperament of Kim Kardashian West‘s surrogate.

“If we didn’t see a part where Kim introduces a broker to a family, I’m going to uncover we some of it right now,” she told her audience.

The shave afterwards cut to genuine footage from a deteriorate 14 culmination of Keeping Up with a Kardashians, that intentionally didn’t exhibit a surrogate’s face — solely this time, it’s been expertly edited to underline a unequivocally (fake) profound DeGeneres.

“It ain’t easy lugging this baby around — it’s murdering my Tinder profile,” she says, cradling her swell and removing vacant stares from a sisters in return. “But it’s value it for a good parking space in a mall.”

“You know what? we could use a drink,” she says, branch to face Kris Jenner. “Any Pabst Blue Ribbon or a Michelob Ultra? Shoot. we only remembered I’m not authorised alcohol. Do we have wine?”

As Kardashian West, 38, gushes about what a “nice person” her broker is, her feign broker DeGeneres skilfully slips a few dollar bills from Jenner’s purse into her bra.

Of course, a shave was even some-more timely deliberation DeGeneres’ guest was Kendall Jenner herself.

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“What did we consider of me being a surrogate?” DeGeneres, 60, asked Kendall with a totally true face. “Do we mind that we suggested that?”

“No! we consider it’s something everybody indispensable to know, and I consider that it’s a blessing,” replied Kendall, 22, but blank a beat. “You unequivocally sanctified my sister and her husband.”

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