Ed Sheeran: Fans Rush To His Defense After Haters Accuse Him Of Being Cocky

The adore is real! Ed Sheeran’s fans rushed to his invulnerability on Jan. 28, shortly after haters indicted a thespian of being cocky in his ‘GQ’ interview. His loyal Sheerios weren’t about to let that slide. Click to see a honeyed and understanding messages!

Ed Sheeran, 25, kept it really genuine when deliberating his career aspirations in a Mar emanate of GQ, call haters to call him “cocky” for his comments about wanting to be during a tip of a music industry. Several naysayers got so exhilarated about his argumentative remarks, a hashtag “EdSheeranIsOverParty” even began trending on Twitter on Jan. 28.

However, a singers’s loyal fans weren’t going to give them a pass, immediately rushing to his invulnerability around amicable media. “Yall are insane absurd leave Ed alone he has goals to strech for like close up,” one wrote. Another combined their dual cents, writing, “Please uncover me 1 chairman who doesn’t wish to be a best in their field?!” They even combined new understanding hashtags!

“There are a lot of singer-songwriters around now,” Ed pronounced in his vehement interview. “I’m not a initial though there are some-more than before. I’m really happy for everybody to be in a same competition as me, even if they duplicate each singular thing I’ve done,” he added. “In a 100m scurry to get a No1 album we only know I’m going to win. we don’t caring who’s doing what. we only know I’m going to win.”

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Ed explained, “There’s an loser component to it. Taylor [Swift] was never a renouned child in school. we was never a renouned child in school. Then we get to a indicate when we turn a many renouned child in propagandize — and we both take it a bit too far. She wants to be a biggest womanlike artist in a universe and we wish to be a biggest masculine artist in a world. It also comes from always being told that we can’t do something and being like, “F**k you, we can.”

The thespian was perplexing to enthuse others to fight for their dreams, though many suspicion he was simply humble-bragging. “Some things I’ve pronounced is being taken out of context,” he wrote to his fans on Jan. 28. “You should never censor your goals or ambitions, be unapproachable of what we do.”

HollywoodLifers, what do we make of all this intolerable drama? Are we #Team Ed?