eBay removes ‘Hawaiian sand’ listings

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EBay has private equipment listed for sale on a website that claimed to enclose tiny amounts of Hawaiian sand.

The sand, from several tools of Hawaii, ranged in cost from $3.50 (£2.60) to $35, the Hawaii-Tribune Herald said.

It is bootleg to mislay sand, coral, rocks or dirt from a shoreline, nonetheless silt taken “inadvertently” on wardrobe or toys is exempt.

Before a rider of a US law in 2013, one gallon of silt per day was authorised to be taken.

“While we haven’t been directly contacted by a Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, we are positively peaceful to work with them on a best approach to residence this emanate in a future,” Ryan Moore, eBay executive of tellurian corporate affairs and communication, told a Tribune.

“We’ve private a active listings on a marketplace and have prepared a sellers that inventory these products [is] opposite eBay policy.”

In Aug 2017, a Mediterranean island of Sardinia also introduced a law banning a dismissal of sand.

“Taking divided a small bottle might not seem a large deal. But if all a millions of tourists did it, tonnes and tonnes would disappear each year,” pronounced a island’s State Forestry Corp.