Dr. Phil Apparently Hit A Skateboarder With His Car On Friday Morning

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Well this isn’t good.

Dr. Phil was pushing out of a parking lot nearby Universal Studios in El Lay on Friday morning when, according to a law coercion source vocalization to TMZ, a TV horde became desirous with a delayed outpost in front of him during a crosswalk.

Dr. Phil sped around a outpost to leave, yet in doing so, he struck a skateboarder he never saw when he was behind a outpost — send a immature 20s supplement to a ground. Yikes!!!!

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Here’s where things get kind of weird, yet — a skateboarder told Dr. Phil he was fine, and they shook hands, and Phil gathering away.

Story over?? Not quite.

Witnesses called a cops, and when a LAPD showed up, a skateboarder pronounced that wait, he indeed wasn’t excellent like he told Dr. Phil — and his shoulder and leg were apparently injured.

Police called for an ambulance, and suggested a male go to a hospital, yet a skateboarder apparently declined a float and pronounced he’d go get checked out on his possess by a doc.


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Regardless, LAPD took a traffic damage report and a cops have been reviewing notice footage to establish fault. If there’s a camera forked on that intersection and Dr. Phil unequivocally did pitch around a delayed outpost and strike a skateboarder in a crosswalk… that’s not good.

No criticism from a TV doc. Certainly not a best approach to start off your weekend.


[Image around Michael Boardman/WENN.]

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