Dr. Drew defends Janice Dickinson’s Cosby claims


Dr. Drew has told a judge Janice Dickinson is a law teller, and if she says Bill Cosby raped her afterwards a justice can take that to a bank.

Drew filed a stipulation in Dickinson’s insult fit opposite Cosby, in that she claims he slandered her by claiming she lied about him drugging and raping her in 1982.

Drew says during a filming of ‘Celebrity Rehab‘ in 2010, she told him she’d been raped by a “prominent celebrity” though was too frightened to exhibit his name. She’s done statements to others before 2010, claiming a law-breaker was Cosby.

Drew says he found her to be an honest person. Indeed he says she’s infrequently “overly honest … blunt and unvarnished.” He says, “she speaks a truth.”

He goes on to explain her past addictions don’t make her a liar for life … “In my veteran opinion, an addict might get purify and solemn and turn an honest and guileless person. we trust that has been a box for Ms. Dickinson.”