Dotard Donald Trump Is Picking Twitter Fights With Late-Night TV Hosts — As He AGAIN Threatens Nuclear War

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How about… do your job in the White House, Mr. President?!

The President, Donald Trump, has bravely taken it upon himself today to fight with late night TV hosts on Twitter instead of, you know, actually being the leader of the free world!

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Here’s an actual tweet The Donald sent earlier this morning (below):

Uggghhh…… dude, FOCUS!!!!

Thankfully, some late night hosts called him out (below):


And then, a few hours later, Trump followed up with some of his actual duties by… suggesting nuclear war is inevitable?!

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What in the actual fuck (below):


That’s SERIOUSLY his take on diplomacy??

This man is such a simpleton.

Spend more time learning diplomacy and global relations, and less time thinking about late night TV, ya dotard.

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