Dotard Donald Trump Is Picking Twitter Fights With Late-Night TV Hosts — As He AGAIN Threatens Nuclear War

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How about… do your pursuit in a White House, Mr. President?!

The President, Donald Trump, has bravely taken it on himself currently to quarrel with late night TV hosts on Twitter instead of, we know, indeed being a personality of a giveaway world!

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Here’s an tangible twitter The Donald sent progressing this morning (below):

Uggghhh…… dude, FOCUS!!!!

Thankfully, some late night hosts called him out (below):


And then, a few hours later, Trump followed adult with some of his tangible duties by… suggesting chief fight is inevitable?!

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What in a tangible fuck (below):


That’s SERIOUSLY his take on diplomacy??

This male is such a simpleton.

Spend some-more time training tact and tellurian relations, and reduction time meditative about late night TV, ya dotard.

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