Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban Is Causing Absolute Chaos — It Apparently Affects Dual Citizens, Too

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This is wild.

And by wild, we meant this is a shameful, dark, joyless day in American history.

As Donald Trump‘s immigration anathema starts to be entirely felt around a United States and a world, we are training some-more about it — and all that is entrance adult is truly horrifying.

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According to a Wall Street Journal, it’s not adequate for Trump to anathema adults from 7 countries in a Middle East in and of itself; he’s also systematic his supervision to anathema dual citizens who are from any of those countries.

So, if a chairman had twin Iraqi and British (or Canadian, or anything else!) citizenship, and had lived in Britain all their lives, they too would be criminialized from entering America underneath Trump’s executive orders.

That is impossibly over-reaching, shameful, and despicable. The anathema is truly causing disharmony all over a world, and experts all along are saying it’s expected illegal, though that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump.nTruly a unhappy day for America.

At slightest some universe leaders, like Canada’s Justin Trudeau, know things a small improved (below):


Can we ALL pierce to Canada?? Please?!

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The full info on a ENTIRE executive sequence should be expelled after today.

[Image around ABC.]

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