Donald Trump’s Dirty Trick: Did He Redirect To His Own Site?

Uh oh! We know Donald Trump has been going tough during Jeb Bush during a Republican presidential choosing campaign, though did he unequivocally try to take divided people from visiting his opponent’s website? Read on for this difficult situation.

Poor Jeb Bush. The 63-year-old Republican presidential carefree has been a consistent aim of competition Donald Trump, 69, who takes good joviality in indicating out his rival’s incredibly low appetite campaign. If things couldn’t go any worse for a beleaguered candidate, a website that should be a flagship of his debate indeed leads people over to The Donald’s instead! Talk about things going from bad to worse! Read on for how this crazy conditions happened!

Jeb’s debate has been zero though one misstep after a subsequent ever given he announced his candidacy in Jun 2015. Unfortunately for him, an Australian association bought a domain name behind in 1997 and it remained asleep until Oct. 2015, when it unexpected started redirecting online users to Donald has denied that he had anything to do with a conditions and it stays a poser how it happened, though it’s nonetheless another black eye for bad Jeb. Get Donald Trump’s book “Crippled America: How To Make America Great Again” by clicking right here.

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At this point, Jeb has been trotting out his 90-year-old mother Barbara Bush to several debate events to try to remonstrate electorate what a good man her son is. Really, he’s carrying his aged mom play a purpose of his biggest debate supporter. He even managed to get his brother, former President George W. Bush to leave his Crawford, TX plantation and do a debate coming for him in South Carolina forward of a state’s Feb 20 primary. At this point, even a Donald doesn’t collect on his scarcely as most as he used to since Jeb’s debate is only so damn unhappy and pathetic.

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HollywoodLifers, have we been following a 2016 presidential debate closely?