Donald Trump Wants to "Open Up Libel Laws" to Better Sue Media

The billionaire businessman’s latest news opening targets were a New York Times and Washington Post.

Donald Trump pronounced as boss he would take stairs to make it easier for him to sue a media. 

The GOP presidential front-runner done a comments during a convene in Fort Worth, Texas on Friday. 

“I’m going to adult open adult those defame laws, so when a New York Times and The Washington Post writes a strike piece, we can sue them and win money,” Trump said. 

During his speech, Trump criticized a The Times especially.

“It’s failing, it’s severely failing,” Trump said. 

Trump also took swings during Sen. Marco Rubio, who progressing in a day was creation fun of Trump during one of his possess rallies. 

“He was sweating so badly, it looked like he only jumped into a swimming pool with is fit on,” Trump pronounced of Rubio during a Thursday night GOP discuss on CNN.