Donald Trump viciously attacks Obama for blank Scalia’s funeral

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Donald Trump took a shot during President Barack Obama on Saturday for not attending Justice Antonin Scalia’s wake services.

“I consternation if President Obama would have attended a wake of Justice Scalia if it were hold in a Mosque?” Trump tweeted.

The Republican presidential frontrunner added: “Very unhappy that he did not go!”

Click by some of Donald Trump’s argumentative comments:

Obama visited a Supreme Court on Friday, when Scalia was fibbing in repose. But a White House suggested that a president’s confidence fact would have been disruptive to a wake a subsequent day.

Trump has for years stoked rumors about Obama’s past, generally a flawlessness of his birth certificate. He was criticized final summer for not editing a believer during one of his events who indicted Obama of being a Muslim foreigner. But he shrugged it off.

Earlier this month, Trump suggested that Obama done his initial presidential outing to a mosque since “he feels gentle there.”

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