Donald Trump tweets about ‘Crooked H’ & her ‘dealings with Russia’

We’re roughly 5 months into a Baby Fists administration and I’m disturbed that we’re apropos jaded. It’s not that we’re in risk of normalizing Baby Fists, his actions or his abominable minions – if anything, as we mount today, Trump is a slightest renouned he’s ever been and people grow some-more and some-more sleepy of his bulls–t by a day. But that’s usually it: we’re apropos cloyed about usually how abominable all of these revelations truly are. It was not startling to learn that Donald Trump is now being actively investigated for deterrent of justice, and it should have been shocking. It should have been a large branch point. But it hasn’t been. Because we’ve spent a final 5 months removing used to it.

In any case, here are some stories about how a walls are shutting in on Emperor Bigly, Precious Jared and even Mike Pence. Well, well.

Yeah, Trump is spooky with a Russia investigation. Like, articulate about it was one of his favorite things to do. Politico reports that White House staffers know a sh-t is going to strike a fan since post-inauguration, Trump was spooky with a Russia review and spooky with perplexing to make it go away. Per Politico: “Trump, for months, has bristled roughly daily about a ongoing probes. He has sometimes, though prompting, injected. ‘I’m not underneath investigation’ into conversations with associates and allies. He has watched hours of TV coverage each day — infrequently even storing morning news shows on his TiVo to watch in a dusk — and complained nonstop.” Politico records that lately, “Trump now has begun seething about special warn Robert Mueller, quite after Mueller hired several prosecutors and investigators with ties to Democrats. Trump has told associates he competence glow Mueller, yet they don’t trust he will.”

Precious Jared’s changed business deals. Not usually is Robert Mueller probing Trump’s obstruction, Mueller is apparently focusing on Jared Kushner’s business ties to Russia, and his extraordinary meetings with Russian envoy Sergey Kislyak, “and afterwards with Sergey Gorkov, a conduct of a state-owned Russian growth bank,” all during a transition. You can review some-more about a Precious Jared things here.

Mike Pence’s hands aren’t clean. It was pronounced that Pence is a well-spoken user who always kept himself “clean,” meaningful that a chances were flattering good that he would finish adult apropos boss during some point. Well, Mr. Clean is lawyering up. According to WaPo, “The clamp president’s bureau pronounced Thursday that Pence has defended Richard Cullen, a Richmond-based counsel and authority of McGuireWoods who formerly served as a U.S. profession in a Eastern District of Virginia.” Pence has hired his possess lawyers, they say, since he wants authorised illustration while being questioned in a eccentric counsel’s investigation.

Jeff Sessions lied about something else. The Guardian has a new fascinating story about an American lobbyist who works on interest of Russian interests, Richard Burt, and how he attended dinners hosted by Jeff Sessions. Burt’s purpose as a lobbyist for Russia was well-known.

The Trump tweets. Bigly used his baby fingers to twitter about “Crooked H” final night, since of march he did.

This is some next-level McCain sh-t. The Deplorables – led by Trump – truly trust that Hillary Clinton worked with Russia to safeguard that she would remove a election, we guess.

Update: He’s still tweeting this morning.

For whatever record, a media (fake or otherwise) doesn’t caring about Trump’s tweeting. It’s his possess staff and associate Republicans vagrant him to stop.

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