Donald Trump tweeted about ‘extreme vetting’ & a Muslim Ban again

As we discussed in the Reza Aslan post progressing today, Donald Trump has been on a rip given a London militant attack. And when we contend “on a tear,” we meant he’s been tweeting in between tee times, since a square of sh-t went golfing twice this weekend, since that’s all he does now: he’s an general embarrassment, he destroys a world, he destroys America, he tweets and afterwards he golfs. He was officious spirited that London was in a midst of a militant conflict on Saturday night, since he got to speak about his Muslim Ban. He got adult splendid and early this morning to twitter again.

I would adore it if we had impassioned vetting of aroused white supremacists. Anyway, Trump is going to twitter himself into another sovereign anathema of his foolish f–king Muslim Ban. Federal judges have already been regulating Trump’s tweets as justification of unconstitutionality.

Incidentally, there’s some discuss among reporters and Trump’s possess White House employees about a weight given to a tweets from his personal account. The accord for reporters seems to be: these tweets have a lot of weight. They’re entrance from his personal account, that we know for a fact he runs. This is HIS voice. These are statements from a president, in twitter form. And that’s terrifying.

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