Donald Trump Tags The Wrong Lee Greenwood In A Birthday Twitter Post — & The Internet Has Responded Accordingly!

donald trump tags wrong lee greenwood

Donald Trump thinks he’s a Twitter consultant — but, clearly, he’s still got something to learn.

On Friday, a President took to Twitter to wish nation thespian Lee Greenwood a unequivocally happy birthday. However, as many cat-like amicable media users noticed, a Commander-In-Chief tagged a wrong Lee Greenwood in a celebratory post.

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While accidents like this are firm to happen, this amicable media snafu is quite annoying as a God Bless a USA artist achieved during a Trumpster’s coronation unison this year. How awkward.

In a since-deleted post, Donnie wrote:

Donald Trump wrong birthday message

Man, oh man. He has given re-written a post to read:

Ironically, a “wrong” Mr. Greenwood doesn’t seem to be a large Trump fan. Take a demeanour during a justification (below).

Unsurprisingly, large Twitter users have given dragged POTUS for a HIGHlarious mixup as they’ve quipped:

So monster — and we LOVES it. As for a OG Greenwood, he seems to be enjoying a astonishing attention. See his greeting to a conditions (below).

Too funny. We’re certain this done during slightest one Mr. Greenwood’s day.

[Image around WENN.]

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