Donald Trump Signs Order To Start The Investigation On Voter Fraud — Because Let’s Just Forget About Russia…

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Donald Trump still can’t know how he got this job.

After plucking off that annoying FBI director James Comey, POTUS is finally means to inspect something that unequivocally matters: widespread voter rascal in a republic that usually inaugurated him President.

On Thursday, Trump sealed an executive sequence rising a elect to examination purported voter rascal and voter termination in a U.S. choosing system.

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White House officials contend a elect will be lead by Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who will demeanour during allegations of crude voting and voter registration rascal in states opposite a nation.

Ha! What a fun small pursuit for a Veep!

Trump has never been wordless about a purported cracks in a choosing system. He claimed a whole choosing was “rigged” during his debate to conjure adult guess opposite Hillary Clinton.

Remember, this was around a time Trump praised a now dismissed Comey for rising an review into Clinton’s emails. (But, don’t reason POTUS to any of that — this was, like, 6 months ago!)

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Even after his overwhelming choosing win, Trump has purported that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally because, well, how else could Hillary win a renouned vote!?

Like many of his promises, POTUS’s inspect into voter rascal has been behind for months — until now!

The soon-to-be fabricated elect will be stoical of Republican and Democrat state choosing officials and other experts. This moment group will demeanour into a vulnerabilities in a choosing complement and a probability of crude voting.

All in all, a elect will aim to safeguard certainty in a firmness of sovereign elections and wish to give a assent of mind to all those who are still concerned about this matter — AKA a President and literally no one else.

Here’s what supervision officials and other Twitics had to contend about Trump’s latest pierce (below):

What a mess!

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