Donald Trump Sends Servant Mike Pence On Stupid (And Expensive) National Anthem Publicity Stunt

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Poor Mike Pence, he’s so tighten to being President of a United States, and yet, he’s so unbelievably weakling and implicitly broke in each way, forced to perpetuity to lick a boots of one Donald Trump over, and over, and over again.

Actually, on second thought, not bad Mike Pence. No, fuck that guy. Especially if he continues to do absurd things like this!!!

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If we didn’t hear about it progressing this morning, here’s what went down currently in Indianapolis: Pence, a former Governor of Indiana, flew in to watch a Indianapolis Colts play a San Francisco 49ers in an NFL game.

Only, after some of a 49ers players opted to practice THEIR CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHTS and take a knee during a National Anthem, Pence left before a diversion started.

Here’s how he described it going down (below):

Oh, gee, that looks so patriotic, and so principled, and so NOT AT ALL PLANNED! Right?


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No, that shit was planned.

Yeah, let’s keep going… THIS SHIT WAS PLANNED.

According to media reports out of San Jose, he’s been formulation a California fundraising revisit for some time.

Even locals in Indiana are creation fun of Pence for being Trump’s flunky!!

And Twitter picked adult unequivocally fast on how shoal and stupid a broadside attempt this whole Pence thing unequivocally became (below):


Good job, Republicans. GREAT job, Trump.

You’re strictly a many needlessly political, many divisive set of leaders in a new story of this country.


[Image around Twitter.]

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