Donald Trump Says He Will Devote "Zero Time" to ‘Apprentice’ While President

The president-elect serve tweeted that such reports by CNN are “ridiculous,” “untrue” and “fake news.”

Donald Trump took to Twitter to state where he stands on Celebrity Apprentice.

News pennyless on Thursday that a president-elect has shielded his executive writer credit on a existence competition, one that will see him paid as a distinction member in a franchise. The proclamation that Trump would say a pretension was met with pointy criticism, suggesting that it would be a dispute of seductiveness for a president-elect to be endangered in a primetime radio uncover while perplexing to run a country.

Trump remarkable that nonetheless he has “a large interest in” a NBC existence competition, he “will persevere 0 time” to a uncover once he is sworn into office. He afterwards went on to impact CNN for observant otherwise, job such claims “fake news.”

“I have NOTHING to do with The Apprentice solely for fact that we recognised it with Mark B have a large interest in it. Will persevere ZERO TIME!” he tweeted on Saturday morning. “Reports by CNN that we will be operative on The Apprentice during my Presidency, even partial time, are absurd wrong – FAKE NEWS!”

Kellyanne Conway, a tip Trump confidant and his former debate manager, defended Trump’s involvement in a array to CNN on Friday. “Were we so endangered about a hours and hours and hours spent on a golf march of a stream president?” she asked. “I meant presidents have a right to do things in their gangling time, in their convenience time.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a series’ new host, also shielded Trump during a packaged QA event Friday, forward of a series’ Jan premiere. “It is no opposite afterwards when we was governor. My credit on Terminator pronounced ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ when we was governor. we done royalties. That didn’t change.”