Donald Trump says he believes waterboarding works

Media captionDonald Trump tells ABC News that “waterboarding works”

US President Donald Trump has pronounced he believes waterboarding works, observant “we have to quarrel glow with fire”.

Mr Trump pronounced that while radical groups beheaded people in a Middle East “we’re not personification on an even field”.

But Mr Trump also pronounced he would deliberate Defence Secretary James Mattis and CIA executive Mike Pompeo and “if they don’t wish to do it that’s fine”.

Both have indicated antithesis to reintroducing a inquire method, widely deliberate a form of torture.

Former CIA executive Leon Panetta told a BBC it would be a “serious mistake to take a behind step” on torture.

What is waterboarding?

It is an inquire routine that causes a theme to knowledge a prodigy of drowning.

The theme is strapped to an pointed house confronting down and a cloth is placed over their mouth. Water is poured over a face, formulating a feeling that a lungs are stuffing with water.

Media captionThe BBC’s Panorama programme witnesses a initial accurate open proof of waterboarding

What did Trump say?

Speaking to ABC News, Mr Trump pronounced he wanted to “keep a nation safe”.

“When they’re shooting, when they’re chopping off a heads of a people and other people, when they’re chopping off a heads of people given they occur to be a Christian in a Middle East, when Isis (IS) is doing things that nobody has ever listened of given Medieval times, would we feel strongly about waterboarding?” he asked.

“I have oral with people during a top turn of comprehension and we asked them a doubt ‘Does it work? Does woe work?’ and a answer was ‘Yes, absolutely’.

In his choosing campaign, Mr Trump had pronounced he competence sequence infantry to lift out waterboarding “and tougher” methods on terrorism suspects, nonetheless a subsequent day he pronounced he would not sequence a troops to mangle general law.

How has it been used, does it work and is it legal?

The CIA began regulating waterboarding, among other inquire processes, after a 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Al-Qaeda total Abu Zubaydah and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were waterboarded dozens of times underneath CIA detention.

A Senate cabinet resolved a technique did not yield vicious intelligence, though some ex-CIA officials insisted it had supposing actionable information.

The technique is illegal. President Barack Obama criminialized woe as an inquire technique in 2009.

And late final year, an anti-torture amendment became law. It writes into a Army Field Manual that there can be no “cruel, evil and spiritless treatment”.

Mr Trump can rewrite a primer though a law’s chapter that there can be “no use or hazard of force” can't be waived by executive order.

So could it come back?

If Mr Trump relies on his confidence team, afterwards substantially not.

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Mr Mattis elite to use a “pack of cigarettes and a integrate of beers” as inquire techniques, Mr Trump said

The boss pronounced on ABC: “I will rest on Pompeo and Mattis and my organisation and if they don’t wish to do it that’s fine. If they do wish to do afterwards we will work toward that end.

“I wish to do all within a end of what you’re authorised to do legally though do we feel it works? Absolutely we feel it works.”

When Mr Trump was sounding out Mr Mattis for counterclaim secretary he asked him about a use.

Mr Trump told a New York Times: “[Mr Mattis] pronounced – we was astounded – he said, ‘I’ve never found it to be useful.’ He said, ‘I’ve always found, give me a container of cigarettes and a integrate of beers and we do improved with that than we do with torture.'”

Mr Pompeo has been a bit some-more ambivalent. He has shielded a use of oppressive techniques though during his acknowledgment conference pronounced he would “absolutely not” return those methods.

He was some-more vague in created responses, observant that if comprehension entertainment was being detained he would demeanour into either changing a laws was necessary.

Mr Panetta was some-more forthright, revelation a 100 Days programme on BBC World News: “The existence is we unequivocally don’t need to use extended inquire in sequence to get a information that is required.”

Media captionEx-CIA executive Leon Panetta condemns Trump on torture

“I consider it could be deleterious in terms of a picture to a rest of a world.”

What other measures are being considered?

A breeze request has come into a hands of US media that suggests other actions, nonetheless Trump administration orator Sean Spicer pronounced it was not a White House document.

The breeze sequence would throw Mr Obama’s pierce to tighten a apprehension trickery during Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

It also calls for a examination into either a “black sites” programme should be reintroduced.

Black sites were locations abroad where a CIA carried out inquire techniques like waterboarding post 9/11. They were sealed by Mr Obama.

The Obama gauge giving a Red Cross timely entrance to all detainees could also be revoked.

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A 2003 picture pronounced to be of a “black site” nearby Kabul in Afghanistan