Donald Trump Reacts On Twitter To North Korea’s Apparent Hydrogen Bomb Test Overnight

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Overnight, after important seismic activity totalled on a Korean Peninsula, a North Korean supervision expelled a matter claiming that they had detonated a hydrogen bomb.

The matter went on to contend that they are allegedly able of attaching that form of explosve to a barb that is able of reaching a mainland United States.

Whether or not — or to what grade — any of that might be true, we do know something large happened in North Korea overnight. And now, Donald Trump has reacted.

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Here’s what The Donald had to contend on Twitter about that purported exam of a hydrogen bomb, North Korea’s many critical and discouraging growth nonetheless (below):

Trump is holding utterly a bit of feverishness for criticizing South Korea — one of America’s biggest allies in a region, along with Japan — instead of going after only North Korea, though here we are.

No matter what happened final night in North Korea, and either or not they truly have a hydrogen explosve (which would be a MASSIVE development), things are removing really critical on a Korean Peninsula.

Do we have a President able adequate to navigate an rare universe crisis?

[Image around Ulrich Stamm/Future Image/WENN.]

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