Donald Trump Once Started A Rumor That Madonna Wanted To Date Him — Did She?

Donald Trump didn’t always consider Madonna was a nasty woman! The aristocrat incited boss floated a gossip behind in a early 1990’s that a cocktail prodigy was failing to date him. We’ve got a sum of how it went down!

This is only crazy! President Donald Trump, 70, says Madonna, 58, is “disgusting” now, though news has resurfaced about how he once called adult a columnist underneath a feign name to plant a story that she desperately wanted to date him! The Washington Post obtained a audio and creatively published a story behind in May 2016 about how the aristocrat called adult a PEOPLE repository contributor in 1991 pretending to be a publicist while creation a intolerable claim.

Here’s how all of this nuttiness occurred. PEOPLE contributor Sue Carswell called Donald’s bureau to endorse his separate from then-girlfriend Marla Maples, 53. Five mins after she got a callback from male claiming to be a billionaire’s P.R. repute “John Miller,” when a voice was clearly Donald’s. On a fasten he can be listened revelation Sue that a dissection news was loyal before going on to gloat how a afterwards super-hot Madonna was failing to go out with him.

According to a news he can be listened saying, “(Madonna) called and wanted to go out with him, that we can tell you” and Donald had “zero seductiveness in her.” Sue said she played behind a audio to folks in Donald’s stay and was told, “There is no John Miller. That’s Donald. Is (Trump) whacked out, or what?” Good grief that’s bananas!

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Needless to say, Madonna never had any seductiveness in him behind then, and she certain doesn’t now as she denounced Donald during a Women’s Mar on Washington Jan. 21. In an f-bomb brimful speech she lashed out during a new boss and even announced, “Yes we have suspicion an awful lot about floating adult a White House, though we know that this won’t change anything.” That indeed got her in difficulty with a Secret Service! Donald clapped behind in an interview with Sean Hannity Jan. 26 that, “Honestly, she’s disgusting. we consider she harm herself really badly. we consider she harm that whole cause,” he said. “I suspicion what she pronounced was infamous to a country.”

HollywoodLifers, because do we consider Donald would make adult a story about Madonna wanting to date him?