Donald Trump met with Pope Francis, gave him copies of MLK’s books

I’m not certain what kind of spell was used today, though there has been a change in a Force. Donald Trump managed to enter Vatican City though branch into a raise of ash. He managed to accommodate with Pope Francis though a soundtrack from The Omen mysteriously blustering by a loudspeakers, and though Pope Francis desiring it was his avocation to check Trump’s conduct for a 666 birthmark. Pope Francis done some forked comments final year about a irrationality of Trump’s due limit wall, Trump, in turn, trash-talked a Pope in several speeches.

According to a central line, Trump and a Pope met in a Sala del Tronetto, where they acted for photos, afterwards media was ushered out. Trump and Francis afterwards had a 30-minute assembly where they talked and exchanged gifts. Guess what Trump gave a Pope? Per ABC News: “Trump’s present for Francis was wrapped in a large blue box. The boss pronounced he was delivering ‘books from Martin Luther King. we consider you’ll suffer them. we wish we do.’” The books were copies of Martin Luther King’s books and a arrangement box for them, and a square of slab from a MLK Memorial (???). Pope Francis gave Trump leather-bound copies of his (the Pope’s) books. Trump betrothed that he’ll “be reading them.” And Trump said, “I won’t forget what we said,” though that was about what a Pope pronounced in their private meeting, not what he pronounced final year.

Meanwhile, did we hear that Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus were sent home early? Priebus and Bannon were widely believed to be a many comparison “handlers” on Trump’s nine-day trip, though they were sent behind to Washington after a Saudi Arabia stop. They were substantially sent home to try to understanding with a ongoing predicament involving Trump, Russia, and clearly everybody in a White House. Speaking of, Chris Christie is apparently revelation people that Jared Kushner asked him for recommendation about removing a lawyer. Christie prosecuted Kushner’s father and sent him to jail, and that’s one of a large reasons because Christie isn’t partial of a Trump administration. While everybody rigourously denies that a review happened, sources still insist that Kushner sought Christie’s recommendation about either Trump needs an outward lawyer. Christie suggested Kushner that yes, they’re all going to need lawyers and that Baby Fists “better counsel adult and keep his mouth shut.” Which is because we consider Bannon and Priebus were sent home – these people are in full ass-covering mode and everybody’s removing lawyered up.

Pope Francis’s face, we guys. He’s all, “I done a terrible mistake.”

Photos pleasantness of Getty.