Donald Trump Jr.’s Former Mistress Aubrey O’Day Has A Song Called DJT — And The Lyrics Are Juicy AF!!!

Donald Trump Jr.


As we EXCLUSIVELY! reported, we exposed Donald Trump Jr. for carrying an affair with Aubrey O’Day behind when a former Danity Kane thespian seemed on Celebrity Apprentice in 2012. As we can see, Donald Trump‘s son has been carrying marital problems prolonged before his wife, Vanessa, filed for divorce progressing this month!

Shortly after we schooled this luscious tea, light bulbs went off when we remembered a 34-year-old’s strain called DJT off of her 2013 album, Between Two Evils. The essay has been on a wall this whole damn time!!!!

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Here are some important lyrics from a tune:

“You can contend it was all a fucking fairytale or we can contend it was real, though we need to know and we know.
Whatever a law is defines a existence of we and we forever, and we need to be means to conclude that before we can travel away.
I suspicion it was perpetually during a time though maybe we was fibbing to myself
Is that what we want? You wish to trust that all with me was a lie?
A fantasy? And we wish to go behind and live in a life that we had have forever?
I don’t know. we couldn’t do what we pronounced we would do so that answered a doubt for me.
I’ll always wish we and always consternation about it though it doesn’t matter since we have to stay here.
What done we stop desiring in a world?
I don’t know, we consider substantially a detriment of a other world.
I’m ripped between dual worlds both of that we wanted.
I hatred me for amatory you, hatred we for vouchsafing a adore die”

It goes on:

“Tell me we adore me and we won’t speak to we anymore, I’ll leave we alone.
Look it doesn’t matter, it can’t matter, a law will usually kill us both.
You have to contend it once to yourself and to me and afterwards I’ll go.”

This has truly rocked a world.

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