Donald Trump Gets HEELariously Mocked For Another Twitter Spelling Error!

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Our President is so embarrassing…

Even if he weren’t a greedy, winding racist, Donald Trump would still be origination a U.S. feeling like a wreath of fools who inaugurated a moron.

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45 took to Twitter once again on Friday morning to play adult his purpose in Hurricane Harvey relief, writing:

“Texas is heeling discerning howling to all of a good organisation women who have been user so hard. But still, so many to do. Will be behind tomorrow!”

Yeah. Heeling.

At smallest be intelligent adequate to have someone with we spell checking! The whole star is reading these!

The mistake was adult for about an hour, excess of time for folks to respond HEELariously. See some of a best tweets (below):

[Image around Noah Gray/Twitter.]

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