Donald Trump Attempts To Impersonate A Human For Halloween, Fails Miserably

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OK, apparently Donald Trump is utter for a running-the-country aspects of his jobs; hell, not being a politician was even partial of his platform.

But who knew a existence star would be so bad during a feathery broadside part??

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On Friday, a White House invited a children of a press corps to come pretence or provide in a Oval Office, we know for a good, lovable PR story — something he sorely needs after battling with a bullion star widow all week — though a optics were reduction than stellar as it could not be clearer he’s hating each notation of it.

He can’t even pronounce to children but being combative, jabbing:

“I can't trust a media constructed such pleasing children.”

We’d take it as cooperative tantalizing if anything about Trump was in a smallest bit good-natured.

He goes on to ask a children if they know who a press behind them are (um, their parents?) before pursuit them a “friendly media,” his voice drizzling with icky sarcasm. He tries to comfort a great child, she won’t go nearby him. He seems to have difficulty reading a chocolate candy package.

At one indicate he asks a immature child in a Darth Vader outfit who he’s ostensible to be. The male doesn’t know who DARTH VADER is??

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He asks if a “beautiful, wonderful” children are going to grow adult to be like their relatives before giving a small conduct shake to sentinel it off. Later he tells a collected press:

“Congratulations, we did a good job. Here [pointing to children] we did a good job. we wouldn’t contend we did really good here [pointing to himself].”

Ugh, man, let it go. Their children are right there. Just be good for 3 minutes.

See a whole video for yourself (below):

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