Dolly Parton’s New Children’s Album Will Benefit Her Non-Profit: ‘People Relate to Me’ Being Like ‘Mother Goose’


Dolly Parton is regulating her self-proclaimed fairy-tale face (and voice) for a good cause.

The famed thespian and singer is set to recover her initial children’s album, I Believe In You, whose increase will go right behind into her non-profit classification Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

“That fact that we adore kids and people describe to me looking like a Mother Goose or Cinderella — we know, one of those over-exaggerated animation characters — it gets children’s attention, and it keeps me young,” Parton, 71, tells PEOPLE forward of a album’s release.

“We speak about responsibility, we speak about bullying,” she adds of a album’s themes. “We speak about giving, we speak about friendship, faithfulness and all those smashing small things, and we do it in a fun way. The songs are unequivocally uplifting, unequivocally singable. Hopefully, people are gonna get a flog out of this, and a kids are gonna adore it.”

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Courtesy Dolly Parton

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The 9 to 5 legend launched a Imagination Library in 1995. Over a past 22 years, a classification has supposing roughly 100 million books to children in an bid to inspire a adore of reading. And the story behind her impulse is a tearjerker.

“I started it in respect of my dad,” Parton explains. “My father was not means to review and write — he was a nation child with a garland of kids, and he had to work instead of going to propagandize when he was a small boy, and so he never had a possibility to get an education.”

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“And it seemed to unequivocally worry him a lot and we thought, ‘Well, what can we do for my changed dad?’ ‘Cause he was a biggest daddy in a universe and one of a smartest people I’d ever known,” she adds. “So we said, ‘Dad, because don’t we put together a small module where we give children books from a time they’re born, once a month, until they start school?’ ”

“That way, they can learn to read, adore books. If we can read, we can kinda self-educate,” Parton adds. “Now we’re all over a world. We’ve given divided roughly 100 million books, and all a income from this plan goes into a Imagination Library to put some-more books in a hands of some-more children.”

I Believe In You is available now.