Disney Can’t Find A Live Action Aladdin — Leaving Fans Of THIS Actor Scratching Their Heads!

A rising star ain’t never had a crony like Twitter!

Disney might not know a name Avan Jogia, though everybody who has seen a hottie sing, dance, and take scenes from stars like Victoria Justice and Ben Kingsley does.

So when reports came out that Guy Ritchie was carrying a tough time anticipating a lead for his live movement chronicle of Aladdin, fans of a 25-year-old had to indicate out a vivid apparent repudiation from a casting net.

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Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Disney has opted not to go with early frontrunners Dev Patel and Riz Ahmed since they’re too well-known, and they’d rather expel a uninformed face, privately one of Middle Eastern descent.

They’ve deliberate and reportedly tested Achraf Koutet, Mena Massoud, and George Kosturos — though utterly a few fans seem to know who they want.

Ch-ch-check out some of their reactions (below)!

Do YOU determine Disney should be looking during a Victorious star??

[Image around Disney/Brian To/WENN.]

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