Director Joseph Kahn SLAMS Kim Kardashian’s Defense Of Kanye West’s Pro-Trump Views

Baby, NOW we got Bad Blood!

As we reported on Wednesday, Kim Kardashian went on Twitter to urge father Kanye West‘s support of Donald Trump, claiming he is a “free thinker” who is authorised to have his possess opinions.

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The KUWTK star also discharged reports that a Famous rapper is “erratic,” and says “mental health” is zero to fun about.

That same day, Joseph Kahn — who has destined several song videos for Kim’s nemesis Taylor Swift — went on amicable media and SLAMMED a existence TV luminary for her tweets.

The filmmaker wrote:

YIKES! Kahn is, of course, referencing Kim’s recent exposed photoshoot for her new KKW Fragrance.

Can’t we all only get along??

[Image around Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

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