Did THIS Famous Prince Song Foreshadow His Death?!

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We only wish there isn’t a connection.

As we reported on Thursday, Prince was found nonchalant in his elevator, as paramedics were incompetent to revitalise him. He was conspicuous upheld during 10:07 a.m.

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The 57-year-old available 39 studio albums, withdrawal behind a immeasurable low-pitched legacy. However, in one of his many famous songs Let’s Go Crazy, there are lyrics that coincidentally report how he passed.

In a 1984 song, that was a second singular off Purple Rain, a artist sings :

“And if de-elevator tries to move we down/ Go crazy, punch a aloft floor.”

It’s tough not to see how this verse eerily recounts his final moments.

However, in a 1997 talk for VH1, Prince explained to Chris Rock that a line is a embellishment about a demon (elevator going down) and God (the aloft floor).

Regardless, his change in song will — but a doubt — final for generations to come.

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