Did James Comey’s Senate Intel Committee testimony live adult to a hype?

It’s been pronounced that Americans don’t have many moments that we knowledge collectively, as a nation, during this point. Like, there’s no one TV uncover that each singular chairman watches all during a same time anymore. But we gamble many Americans watched or listened to some or even all of James Comey’s testimony before a Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday. His coming was hyped to a impassioned for dual weeks. Everyone was watchful for Comey’s initial open coming given he was sh-tcanned by Donald Trump one month ago. When we contend “hyped,” we meant it. It felt like people approaching Comey to travel into a room and dump a raise of profits and travel away. That didn’t happen. What happened was some-more nuanced and thought-provoking, and it turns out that Comey unequivocally did have some sh-t to say.

Here’s my issue: while we trust James Comey some-more than Emperor Baby Fists, that’s environment a bar flattering low. we still don’t buy his “I had to shoot Hillary Clinton’s campaign, since Loretta Lynch spoke to Bill Clinton, BUT HER EMAILS” defense. we still don’t get since he lied underneath promise about Huma Abedin (something he was not asked about). we still don’t know since Democrats are descending all over themselves to insist that Comey is a good guy, since they can make a evidence for impeachment and deterrent of probity but wanting to praise Comey. we still don’t know since Comey binds himself to such a opposite set of standards than he hold Loretta Lynch, or even Sally Yates, who comes opposite as a chairman with bigger stones than James Comey any day of a week.

Everybody had opposite reactions to what Comey pronounced and what he meant and what it all meant for Emperor Bigly. My take was that Comey was perplexing to quietly lay down his box for Trump’s (blatant) deterrent of justice, and Comey’s notice that Trump was “directing” him to tighten down a review into Mike Flynn. we also consider Comey was also throwing some fascinating sum about Jeff Sessions’ purpose in all of this, and that Comey truly believes that Sessions does not have purify hands in any of this.

The Republican research of Comey’s testimony is… convoluted. Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, done a statement following Comey’s appearance. Kasowitz claimed that Trump was feeling irreproachable since Comey pronounced he (Trump) wasn’t being investigated. Kasowitz also claimed that Comey destined “unauthorized leaks” of “privileged communications with a president.” Except that’s sum bullsh–t – Comey destined a few leaks in plea to Emperor Baby Fists’ impression assassination (telling a Russian envoy that Comey was a “nut job”) and in plea to a Trump twitter that Comey improved wish that there weren’t “tapes” of their conversations. As we said, it’s convoluted. Comey kept memos of his conversations with Trump because, as he told a committee, he suspicion there was a good possibility Trump would distortion about their meetings. Which is accurately what happened.

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