Dharmendra and Hema Malini: The inclement intrigue that shook a industry

Dharmendra and Hema MaliniDharmendra and Hema Malini Dharmendra was already a married male when he fell for Hema Malini.

Hema Malini and Dharmendra’s adore story has been debated, discussed and dissected by everybody over a years. Theirs was not a ideal romance, though if law be told, that adore story doesn’t have a share of imperfections?

For those who don’t know, Dharmendra was already a married male when he fell for Hindi Cinema’s Dream Girl. And she fell for him. Not to contend that all was extraneous between them, though what do we design when we expel dual appealing and renouned personalities together? It doesn’t occur to everyone, though it did to them.

Their particular families weren’t accurately happy about their courtship. But, as they say, adore is blind. The stars kept assembly notwithstanding substantial antithesis from their desired ones. Until one day, Hema’s mom motionless to meddle and take assign of a situation. She motionless that Jeetendra was a one for her daughter. Both Hema and Jeetendra got along utterly well. The thought that Hema and Jeetendra could be an object was drilled into a former’s head, until one day she finally relented to her mother’s ask and met Jeetendra’s parents.

dharmendra and hema malini

dharmendra and hema malini

In her biography, Beyond a Dream Girl (authored by Ram Kamal Mukherjee), there’s an occurrence where Jeetendra is quoted as observant to one of his tighten friends, “I don’t wish to marry Hema. we am not in adore with her. She is not in adore with me. But my family wants it, so we competence as well. And she is such a good girl.”

Jeetendra and Hema roughly got married, though when a dipsomaniac Dharmendra came to know about a wedding, he stormed into Hema’s place. And what followed was as Bollywood as we can get. Livid parents, indignant about-to-be-groom, a jarred Hema and an intensely dissapoint and romantic Dharmendra.

dharmendra and hema malini

dharmendra and hema malini

One of a primary reasons because Hema’s relatives were not silly about her attribute with Dharmendra was a fact that he was married to Prakash. Prakash reportedly didn’t wish to give a divorce to a actor, and so Dharmendra allegedly converted to Islam in sequence to give his matrimony to Hema a authorised status.

“Today we can giggle over it, though during that time it wasn’t funny. Strangely, my father had no problems with Dharam Ji other than a one associated to me. In fact, they got along so good whenever we wasn’t around. They would always be shouting and we would wish to solidify a moment. If usually they could be like that forever. Everyone in my family precious him … only not as a impending son-in-law,” Hema had pronounced in her biography. Well, as they say, all’s good that ends well. The dual still support and honour any other, and that’s what matters a most.

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