Deir al-Zour: Syrian army ‘takes final IS stronghold’

Media caption‘We would rather be killed by IS than be here’ – a charitable predicament maturation in Syria

The Syrian army has retaken Deir al-Zour, a final vital building of supposed Islamic State (IS) in Syria, state TV says.

“The city is totally released from terrorism,” a state TV news said.

Other reports pronounced a Syrian army and a allies were clearing a final pockets of insurgency from IS.

IS had hold many of a city given 2014. It was of vital significance to IS given of a vicinity to a limit with Iraq.

Earlier a Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based romantic group, pronounced supervision army had taken control of a city after weeks of fighting.

Some 350,000 civilians in a range have been forced to rush their homes.

Why is Deir al-Zour important?

The city lies on a Euphrates stream about median between a city of Raqqa, formerly a domicile of IS’s contentious “caliphate”, and a Iraqi border.

IS had designated a area on both sides of a limit as a “Euphrates Province” and used it to send fighters, weapons and products between Iraq and Syria.

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Reports contend a Syrian army are clearing a final pockets of IS resistance

The cross-border range was also a pitch of a jihadists’ goal to exterminate all a region’s frontiers and lay to rest the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement, resented by many Arabs.

Last month a US-backed fondness of Syrian fighters pushed IS out of Raqqa,

In September, the Syrian army pennyless a encircle by IS in partial of Deir al-Zour that had trapped an estimated 93,000 civilians in an enclave on western bank of a Euphrates given 2015.

What domain does IS still control?

The belligerent organisation is now cramped to only a few pockets in Deir al-Zour province.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Syrian supervision army – that are corroborated by Russian atmosphere strikes and fighters from Lebanon’s Hezbollah transformation – have been carrying out detached offensives in Deir al-Zour range with a aim of holding control of Albu Kamal, a pivotal channel on a limit with Iraq.

Media captionUS-backed army might be celebrating, though IS has not been defeated

In some areas a US-backed SDF and Russia-backed Syrian army have taken adult positions only a few kilometres apart.

IS has also suffered a array of defeats in new months to Iraqi supervision forces, who are advancing along a Euphrates stream on a other side of a border.

On Sunday Iraqi supervision army began an offensive to recapture a city of al-Qaim, a city in Iraq still hold by IS. It lies opposite a limit from a Syrian city of Albu Kamal.

Soldiers, police, Sunni tribesmen and mostly Shia paramilitary fighters, some corroborated by Iran, are holding partial in a attack on al-Qaim and Rawa.

Iraqi supervision army have now driven IS out of about 95% of a land a organisation once hold in Iraq and liberated some-more than 4.4 million Iraqis from a rule, a US-led bloc fighting IS says.