DDP On Ronda Rousey Finding Her Character In WWE

TMZ Sports held adult with Diamond Dallas Page and asked for his thoughts on how Ronda Rousey has finished so distant in WWE and some of a early criticisms she’s already received.

“Give a lady a mangle man, she’s going to be great,” Page said. “She’s a good athlete, she brings a lot to a competition and so most courtesy to a WWE. She’s a biggest star – as distant as an contestant – in a world.”

Page afterwards explained how it takes time for a wrestler to find their comfort section with their character. Once he forsaken a over a tip antics with his possess gimmick, DDP pronounced that’s when his career exploded.

“It’s a lot of vigour going in, though that lady thrives on pressure. … we trust in her and she’s really going to put a work in,” Page said. “I used to contend Page Joseph Falkinburg – that is my given name – when Page Joseph Falkinburg stopped perplexing to be this over a tip veteran wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page, and Diamond Dallas Page became Page Joseph Falkinburg that’s when my career took off. And Ronda will find that since she’s one of a baddest women on a world and she’ll find it.”

DDP On Ronda Rousey Being Believable, Big Show Talks Rousey Bringing New Fans To WWE

Rousey is scheduled to seem on each Raw heading adult to WrestleMania and will group adult with Kurt Angle opposite Triple H and Stephanie McMahon during WrestleMania 34.

You can see DDP’s full comments in a video above.

If we use any of a quotes in this article, greatfully credit TMZ Sports with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for a transcription.