DDCA’s take on Lodha Committee reforms runs into controversy

Lodha panel, lodha committee, lodha, lodha recommendations, lodha cricket, bcci cricket, cricket bcci, india cricket, cricket india, cricket news, cricket Members of a Lodha cabinet with a duplicate of their reports in New Delhi. (Source: PTI)

The handling cabinet assembly during that ‘observations’ were done by a Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) on a Lodha Committee news — that was forwarded to a BCCI on Wednesday — never happened, according to a state association’s bar secretary, Sunil Jain. On Thursday, Jain who is an executive cabinet member, shot off a minute to tip BCCI officials and Justice (retired) Mukul Mudgal saying no handling cabinet exists in a DDCA. Moreover, Jain also claimed that no contention took place among office-bearers on Feb 17, as claimed by DDCA clamp presidents CK Khanna and Chetan Chauhan.

“I have perceived a duplicate of a DDCA’s so called handling committee’s comments on Lodha cabinet report. Firstly, no such handling cabinet exists and, secondly, no assembly was hold nor any contention took place on a news on 17th Feb 2016. Thus, during best it usually represents a views of a dual signatories to a minute Mr. C.K Khanna and Mr Chetan Chauhan,” Jain wrote in an email to Mudgal, that he pronounced he also has forwarded to BCCI boss Shashank Manohar and secretary Anurag Thakur.

Jain’s matter was corroborated by Dinesh Saini (joint secretary, organisation affairs). “I don’t know who has shaped this handling committee. The executive cabinet was not sensitive about a formations of this supposed government committee. No meeting, where a DDCA’s members discussed Lodha Committee report, has taken place. These are only a views of Chetan Chauhan and CK Khanna and not of a DDCA. we am essay a minute to a BCCI tomorrow to give them a transparent design as to what is function in a DDCA. The Lodha Committee has called for reforms in cricket, though there is no clarity in a DDCA,” Saini said.


A minute antiquated Feb 17, 2017 addressed to BCCI secretary Thakur, sealed by Khanna and Chauhan, stated: “The government cabinet of a DDCA met on 17th Feb 2016 privately to examination and counsel on a several observations of a Lodha Committee.”

The minute has lifted objections to certain reforms that a Lodha Committee had mentioned in a report.

In a letter, it has been settled that a DDCA is a Section 8 organisation purebred underneath a companies act and is guided and governed by a manners and regulations underneath a chit of articles of a DDCA. “In a given resources it will not be possible/practical to make any amendments only for a consequence of uniformity,” a minute stated.

With courtesy to a Lodha Committee job for a top on age and reign of officials, a minute sealed by Khanna and Chauhan states: “The choosing of office-bearers and directors is by a approved routine as per a structure of a DDCA. Any reduction on a tenure is not justified.”

The minute also states that ‘proxy voting’ should be continued as there is a sustenance for ‘voting’ also. “Even after appointing a chairman as his proxy, any member of a DDCA can come and expel his opinion in person,” a minute said. It also states that a DDCA is against to a proviso that debars a state organisation central from holding a BCCI post. Incidentally, Khanna is clamp boss of a DDCA as good as a BCCI. When asked on Thursday if a government cabinet assembly had been hold to plead a Lodha Committee’s views on reforms, Khanna refused to comment.