Day 24 Of The Kardashian Christmas Card Is Here But Kylie Jenner Is Still NOWHERE To Be Found

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Well here’s where we’re at!!

Christmas is scarcely here, that means so is a Kardashian’s highly-anticipated Christmas card!

On Sunday, day 24 was revealed, and we’re anticipating day 25 will move us a final shot or even one entirely stoical picture…. with Kylie Jenner in it and, perhaps, pregnant???

Just sayin’. We still can’t unequivocally tell during this point.

Video: is Khloé Revealing Her Pregnancy On KUWTK?

Anyway, check out their latest shot, that was posted about an hour ago by Kim Kardashian West (below):


Gorgeous shot, poetic family, adore a kids, good aesthetic, OK SERIOUSLY WHERE THE HELL IS KYLIE?!?! And what about Rob Kardashian, honestly???

We’re not even alone in this, TBH (below):


Somebody’s got some explaining to do!!!

Can’t wait to see what they post tomorrow. Prepare for Kylie’s pregnancy. Ha!!!

[Image around Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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