Dax Shepard Dons a Tiara to Play House with His Daughters — Find Out Who Was a ‘Strict’ Mommy

While Dax Shepard‘s thought of a good time is customarily some-more of a off-roading variety, he isn’t fearful to daub into his princess side from time to time.

On Wednesday, a actor and father of dual shared a photograph to his Instagram comment display him tucked in on a bottom apportionment of a berth bed, cuddling dual pressed animals and wearing both a tiara and a scowl.

“In this unfolding I’m ‘Little Sister,’ and my 3 year aged daughter was ‘Big Brother,’ ” he wrote of Delta, adding of his and Kristen Bell‘s comparison daughter Lincoln, “My 5 year aged was ‘Mommy,’ and damn was she despotic :)”

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Shepard, 43, and Bell are flattering open when it comes to pity sum about a ups and downs of parenthood. One such down? A box of pinworms that afflicted both Bell and her younger child in February.

“Of march we immediately Googled it, and it’s like so, so contagious,” pronounced The Good Place actress, 37. And lo and behold, she beheld that Delta had started scratching.

“You have to monitor, and we have to demeanour in their poop,” explained Bell. “And when we clean their butt, certain adequate — we wiped, and saw a small white worm. we know, she’s unequivocally gross. My daughter, not a worm. The worm was gross, too.”

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Earlier in February, Bell recalled on her web series Momsplaining an occurrence in that she suffered from mastitis and Shepard had to “nurse” from her breast to soothe a vigour since they couldn’t get ahold of a doctor.

“I pronounced to my husband, ‘I unequivocally need we to siphon this out. We could speak about it, we could be uncanny about it, or we could only go forward and nurse,’ ” she said. “He pulled it out. He had a crater subsequent to him. He was pulling out and spitting into this cup, and I’ve never been some-more in love. In my life.”