David Beckham’s "Dinner of Choice" Will Have You Screaming "What a Eff?"

Image Source: Getty / David M. Benett

We never suspicion we’d see a day where we were indeed doubt David Beckham‘s turn of sexiness, though his many new choice of cooking has us a small perplexed, to contend a least. On May 2, Beckham distinguished his 42nd birthday alongside his darling family, though it’s not his Benjamin Button aging strategy that are lifting eyebrows; it’s his “dinner of choice” and a weird multiple of foods.

Beckham common a photo of his image on Instagram, graphic below.

Image Source: Instagram user davidbeckham

We totally get it: it’s his birthday and he can eat whatever he wants, though a visible of all a dishes crushed adult on a image together has us feeling things about DB we never suspicion were possible. Let’s mangle it down. According to Business Insider, Beckham’s image is filled with gammon (ham), a boiled egg, coleslaw, dual pineapple rings, tear-jerking peas, baked beans, and potato wedges — utterly a engaging combination.

When we consider of Beckham’s washboard abs and perfectly toned jaunty physique, we insincere he elite a protein-heavy dish or a outrageous shelve of ribs for his birthday lie dinner, so this array of tear-jerking peas and pineapple rings really took us by surprise. Whatever floats your boat, Becks (and he really redeemed himself with this delicious-looking dessert below)!

Image Source: Instagram user davidbeckham