Dave Chappelle Is The Most Watched Stand-Up Comedian On Netflix

The Nutty Professor star is totally owning Netflix right now.

It’s been 12 years given we listened from a actor-turned-comedian, though he’s now creation an unusual comeback.

Dave Chappelle’s new stand-up shows – Deep in a Heart of Texas and The Age of Spin – are a many watched comedy specials on a streaming site.

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According to Business Insider, Netflix told shareholders that Chappelle’s latest work is commanding a comedy genre.

Their matter revealed,

The jubilant lapse of a comedy fable in Dave Chappelle: Collection 1 was a many noticed comedy special ever. We are also anticipating this to be loyal in general markets as well.

The 43-year aged stand-up star is nonetheless to recover a third special, though it’s certain to follow a success of a initial two.

Despite furloughed in-between, Chappelle hasn’t expelled a comedy uncover given 2004’s For What It’s Worth.


He’s suspicion to have perceived a towering $60 million for a 3 Netflix specials.

And his lapse has so distant been met with a upmost support from fans.

The night before a dual specials were released, ‘Chappelle’s Show’ began trending on Twitter.

With waggish impressions of stars like Lil Wayne and Drake, his latest work is suspicion to be his best yet.

But it isn’t all plain sailing for a much-loved comedian.

His special, The Age of Spin, has perceived recoil for his remarks on Caitlyn Jenner and a LGBT community.

Activists contend his work is ‘homophobic’ and ‘transphobic’.


While Netflix aren’t releasing accurate observation total of Chappelle’s waggish material, they safeguard his work has reached a record series of hits from a 93 million subscribers.

He recently paid reverence to Chappelle’s Show star, Charlie Murphy, who upheld divided progressing this month.

Murphy lost his conflict with leukaemia during a age of 57.

Chappelle therefore celebrated his co-star on theatre during John Mayer’s Ohio show, saying,

Rest in peace, Charlie Murphy. We adore you… your comedy… your stories. And we adore your spirit.

Watch his reverence below:



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