Daphne Oz Shares Selfie in Her Underwear during 3 Months Postpartum: ‘I Want to Celebrate My Body’

Daphne Oz is creation a “fresh start” with her physique 3 months after giving birth to daughter Domenica Celine.

The former The Chew co-host, 32, common a vehement counterpart selfie of herself clad usually in her underwear on Instagram Wednesday and suggested that operative on her new cookbook had done her consider about how she noticed her health and body.

“FRESH START // I’m operative on my subsequent cookbook (!!!) and it’s got me meditative about a approach we wish to eat prolonged term,” she wrote in a caption. “The approach we wish to applaud with food and still applaud my physique during a same time.”

“Right now, I’m 3 months postpartum and prepared to go behind to delayed carb vital as a approach to strech a healthy weight and a good headspace,” Oz continued. “It’s crazy how a few despotic though elementary manners can assistance mangle bad eating habits so quickly. let me know in a comments if we wish me to share my dish skeleton subsequent week and if we wish to follow along! I’d adore a association 💎👙💎👙💎.#fitness #mama #baby #babyweight#cooking #slowcarb #weightlossjourney

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Oz has been honest about a effects of pregnancy on her body, pity a identical counterpart selfie in Jan roughly dual months after giving birth to her third child.

“Seven weeks post partum, still looking 3 months pregnant,” she captioned a print clad in a black bra and underwear.

“There is no bounce-back, it’s all onwards and upwards,” she continued. “Every day has moments of sum fame and also a decent series of WTFs.”

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“I generally wish a new mamas out there to hear that, since we see so most of how silken motherhood can be and not adequate of how genuine 3D life is always difficult (and improved for it),” Oz wrote. “Your knowledge will be only right for you. ready to be vacant by some things and frightened by others. Motherhood is as formidable and smashing as a woman.”

Oz is married to John Jovanovic and shares dual other children with him, 2-year-old son Jovan Jr. and 4-year-old daughter Philomena Bijou.