Daphne Oz Gives Birth to Another Baby Girl

Daphne Oz Gives Birth!

On Monday, Daphne Oz, 31, welcomed her third child with father John Jovanovic 31 years old. A orator for Daphne announced ‘Mom and Domenica are both happy and healthy, and a baby weighed in at 8lbs 11oz and totalled 23 inches.

and only like that, it’s like she was always here. DOMENICA CELINE JOVANOVIC. 12/4/17. so many hearts overflowing!! ✨❤️✨

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On Sunday, Daphne took to Instagram that she was past due and was restless. She was flitting a time with her father and dual other kids by decorating their Christmas tree.

sooooo….due date came and went and #babywatch 2017 continues. she’s friendly in there!! mom is restless. 🙄 though tonight was flattering #gold only a same ❤️✨🌲✨❤️ (tree still needs vital work – leave it to me to try to buy ornaments and lights on dec 1 when each store looks like it’s been ransacked…stay tuned)

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The New York Times Bestselling author and financial father are already relatives to daughter Philomena, 3, and son Jovan, 2.

Wednesday we finally got a initial glance of baby Domenica, who already has a nickname “Nica”. The new mom posted a family design on Instagram. She went on to write, “and only like that, it’s like she was always here. Domenica Celine Jovanovic. So many hearts overflowing.”

Alongside Daphne and Domenica, her husband, daughter Philomena and son Jovan. Daphne is pictured holding a newborn and has her arm around Jovan, who is looking down on his new baby sister.

Oz has also embraced her physique changes during pregnancy. Someone who struggled with her weight in her early life she schooled to not magnitude her self-worth with a array on a scale. She reminds her associate profound clan that we are flourishing another life and concede yourself to feel a energy of that.

We are also extraordinary to see how daughter Philomena is doing her new baby sister. Daphne spoke about her daughter’s greeting when she schooled she was going to have a baby sister. She went on to explain she would be nearing around Christmas and her daughter replied, “oh man, we was anticipating for a dinosaur.”

Fans were repelled when a healthy dishes cook announced in Jun she was stepping down from the lifestyle array The Chew after 6 seasons. Daphne given has been in nesting mode, cooking adult dishes from home and posting as @domesticgoddish.

We can frequency wait to see what’s next on a menu for a radio personality.