Dance Deewane leader Aalok Shaw: Never suspicion that we would win a show

Dance Deewane winnerDance Deewane winner Aalok Shaw wins Dance Deewane.

The grand culmination of Dance Deewane aired on Saturday. Judges Madhuri Dixit, Shashank Khaitan and Tushar Kalia announced Kolkata child Aalok Shaw as a winner. The child expert took home a winning esteem and a esteem income of Rs 10 lakh. Excited about his win, Aalok, in an disdainful discuss with, shared, “I am unequivocally happy that we could win a pretension of a ultimate Dance Deewane. To be honest, we wasn’t assured that we would win. The foe in a uncover was unequivocally tough.”

When asked who he deliberate his biggest competition, a seven-year-old smiled to say, “Jyoti bhaiya in my group. He achieved unequivocally well. And overall, Kishen bhaiya had a clever chance. we couldn’t trust my fitness when my name was announced.”

Aalok has been appreciated for all his acts, and his nonstop headspins done him a star on a show. But a small consternation done an surprising choice when asked to collect his favourite performance. “While all my acts were unequivocally special, a one where we danced as a lady is my favourite. It was a unequivocally tough thing for me. Also, a judges unequivocally appreciated it and we will always remember it with a smile,” he said.

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Aalok Shaw Dance Deewane winner

Aalok Shaw Dance Deewane winner

Aalok’s relatives sell garments off a cart. Stating that he wants to dedicate a win to his parents, a small champ said, “More than me, it was their dream to see me on such a large platform. My relatives have lived any day anticipating to see me as a leader of Dance Deewane. It is all their blessing and adore that done me win a show. When they hugged me on stage, we were all crying, jubilant a moment.”

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Time and again, Aalok has mentioned that some-more than a dancer, he wants to turn an actor. When asked about a same, he said, “No, dance has turn a priority now. But before anything else, we wish to concentration on my studies and finish my education. Only afterwards will we pursue dance and behaving professionally. As of now, we need to learn a lot. My clergyman behind home is unequivocally unapproachable of me, and we wish to sight underneath him.”

Aalok Shaw Dance Deewane winner

Aalok Shaw Dance Deewane winner

While Aalok emerged as a ultimate champion, Kishen Bilagali and Deena Nath were announced winners of their particular era group.

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