Dance Deewane era dual leader Kishen Bilagali: Happy with what we have achieved on a show

Kishen Bilagali Kishen Bilagali Kishen Bilagali is a leader of Generation 2 of Dance Deewane.

On Saturday night, seven-year-old Aalok Shaw was announced as a leader of Dance Deewane. While Aalok was announced a ultimate champion, Kishen Bilagali and Deena Nath emerged as winners in their particular era categories. After his win, Bangalore-based Kishen interacted exclusively with

Not handling to win a ultimate champion pretension hasn’t deterred Kishen as he shared, “To be honest, we am unequivocally happy with what we have achieved. All 3 of us were unequivocally deserving. And we consider like me, any one of us would have been happy for any other.”

Sharing who he felt was a foe for him, a 28-year-old said, “I consider Jyoti as he is a unequivocally extraordinary dancer. Also, Deena Nath was unequivocally clever and a tough competition. For some bizarre reasons, Aalok never crossed my mind. And it was startling when he kick us all.”

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Recently, womanlike fans visited a set and showered adore on a immature man. But Kishen confirmed that life hasn’t altered many for him personally. “Nothing has altered unequivocally for me. we would be holding adult dance professionally, so we am unequivocally grateful of a bearing that we got. we feel like we have only stepped out of a sealed room and there are so many doors watchful for me. we will take one step during a time. It’s an sparkling time brazen and we am looking brazen to some-more opportunities.”

When asked to share his fondest memory from Dance Deewane, Kishen smiled to say, “It would be formidable to indicate out one moment. we feel like we have finished a pile-up march on how a existence uncover works. But many really a act that we dedicated to my late mom will always be special. we consider we will never get a impulse and height to demonstrate my adore towards her like this again.”

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Apart from Aalok, Kishen and Deena, a finalists enclosed Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo, Prabhadeep Singh Gill, Siza, Ved Prakash and Sonali Nirantar. Hosted by Arjun Bijlani, a Colors’ existence uncover was judged by Madhuri Dixit, Shashank Khaitan and Tushar Kalia.

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