Damn Daniel: Viral Video Star’s High School Classmates Reveal What He’s Really Like

The universe has been failing to know all probable about ‘Damn Daniel’ Lara, ever given his pal’s video with a familiar observant went insanely viral. HollywoodLife.com has schooled EXCLUSIVELY from his Riverside Poly High classmates who a genuine Damn Daniel is!

So who is this handsome, fashionable, teenager who everybody is saying “Damn Daniel” about? It turns out that until a viral video blew adult of Daniel Lara showing adult for propagandize any day in his white Vans, he was your each day high propagandize beginner who only happened to have great ambience in footwear. HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY schooled who a genuine Daniel is, true from his possess classmates!

“Daniel Lara is single, he has no partner and is a beginner during Riverside Poly High. He is a unequivocally nice, laid behind guy,” Riverside Poly High student Skylar Keefer tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. We have a feeling he won’t be staying singular for prolonged as he’s turn such a newfound internet heart-throb that he’s removing matrimony proposals from finish strangers!

It turns out Daniel’s also a flattering jaunty man as good as being a conform star. “He is on a float and H2O polo team. His crony who done a video, Josh Holz is a sophomore and a humorous guy, he was only being himself in a video.” Skylar continues. Daniel owe’s Josh a good large appreciate we for documenting his white Vans and Stussy shirts with his “Damn Daniel” daily commentary, differently we’d never have listened of this handsome, select teen. Get your possess white Vans right here.

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We’ll indeed get to hear about Daniel true from a horse’s mouth when he appears on a Feb. 24 episode of Ellen DeGeneres‘ daytime speak show, where he’s wearing his white Vans and a Stussy t-shirt done famous in Josh’s video. We can’t wait to hear what Daniel has to contend about his overnight general fame, and we’re certain he’s going to be totally adorable!

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HollywoodLifers, are we still totally into “Damn Daniel” or are we removing over it?