Damn Daniel Petrified He Might Get ‘Swatted’ Like Joshua Holz After Newfound Fame

Uh oh! It looks like ‘Damn Daniel’ Lara is experiencing some downsides to his remarkable massive fame. HollywoodLife.com has schooled EXCLUSIVELY that he’s shocked that after his videographer companion Josh Holz’s home got ‘swatted,’ he’s going to be a next victim!

Poor Damn Daniel! Riverside teen Daniel Lara has found that being famous isn’t all that it’s burst adult to be, as it’s causing problems for him during school. After gaining inhabitant attention from his fashion accessible viral video, it resulted in a S.W.A.T. group being called out his companion Josh Holz‘s home, and Daniel really doesn’t wants to be a subsequent plant of a new “swatting” incident. HollywoodLife.com has a EXCLUSIVE sum of given he’s living in fear now!

“Daniel is fearful that he might get swatted like Josh. Daniel wants to switch schools confidentially so that he does not get tormented and chased around anymore,” his companion Blake Lewis tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “People are badgering him too. Everyone else is going out of their approach to get tighten to him and get a Snapchat with him.” Eek! Poor Daniel didn’t even find out a celebrity in a initial place, as it was Josh who finished a video and put it out there. Get white Vans like Daniel’s by clicking right here.

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So far, Daniel has finished his best to sojourn a normal teen notwithstanding removing so most attention. As we told you EXCLUSIVELY, “Daniel was offering a displaying pursuit  but he incited down a agreement given he wants a swimming grant and he can’t have both. Daniel is pretty medium about everything that has happened given a video went viral,” his classmate and crony Skylar Keefer told HollywoodLife.com.

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“Daniel wants to go to college and he is after that float grant and he doesn’t wish displaying to get in a approach of that,” she added. How good is it that Daniel has managed to not let his new celebrity go to his head?! Even if he did do that cute small coming on Ellen!

HollywoodLifers, what would YOU do if a crony posted a video of we that finished adult going viral? Would we be excited?