Daisy Shah from a London Da-Bangg Tour: Salman Khan is a biggest star for a tellurian audience

2) Performing on theatre is not always easy. It takes months and months of rehearsals. How do fans conflict to live performances like this one?
Of course, as we am opening a Da-Bangg Tour, we am a initial chairman they will see. So, we feel unequivocally obliged to beget that kind of appetite and excitement. From my knowledge from final year, we can contend that of march they hearten for me, though each time when Salman Khan comes on stage, he lights a theatre on glow and a throng cheers for him during slightest 10 times louder. He reminds them a Bollywood disturb they contingency have left behind home. It feels good to be ostensible by a people. What’s improved than being means to perform people? When we accept adore from a public, it doesn’t matter what a film circuit or critics say. We work for people. We are here to perform a people.

3) What happens when someone creates a mistake on stage? Has Salman ever goofed up?
If anything goes wrong on stage, it is usually we who know it, nobody else. We cover up, and a pivotal is that we don’t unequivocally have to uncover it on your face, and nobody ever knows. Last year, when we were doing this uncover in New Zealand, we remember Salman Khan and we were dancing on ‘Tere Naina’ and his mic handle came off. We achieved a whole strain with correct steps, though there were a few stairs we couldn’t do a approach we were ostensible to do since Salman was still fidgeting with his wire, perplexing to repair it that too while dancing. So, it was usually us who knew it, a throng kept on entertaining for him, they didn’t know that there was something wrong on stage.

Salman Khan and a couple are behaving during a Barclaycard Arena on Sep 16, and during a London Arena on September 17.