DACA Recipient Says Fellow Students Are Harassing Her With Deportation Posts — And Her College Refuses To Protect Her!

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Paola Garcia has lived in a United States given she was dual years old. She’s an American. She doesn’t have another home.

But now, interjection to Donald Trump and his horrible rhetoric, she’s being done to feel threatened somewhere she should be ideally stable — her campus.

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In an romantic video posted to YouTube, Paola — who is undocumented though stable by DACA — says she is now being tormented by extremist students revelation her to “back to them mud floors of your homeland.”

It apparently started when a associate tyro named Taylor Ragg posted this inciting summary on Facebook:

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Paola says that started a torrent of messages, including a print of someone stuffing out a tip form stating her to Homeland Security.

Paola tells a Lexington Herald Leader she complained to a propagandize that Ragg was in defilement of their anti-discrimination policy, though that President Seamus Carey told her Ragg was only “making a recommendation to his readers” that didn’t violate a rules.


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When a paper reached out to Ragg for his criticism on a matter, he wrote behind simply:

“Lexington Herald Leader is Fake News.”

Tell us again this has zero to do with Trump. Go on.

In her video, Garcia asks a open for their assistance in moving a opinion of a propagandize to strengthen her by punishing Ragg.

See her defence in full (below):

[Image around Facebook/Twitter/YouTube.]

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