‘Crazy About Tiffany’s': Film Review

Matthew Miele’s documentary examines a story and informative impact of a famed valuables company.

Don’t demeanour for any provocative insights in Matthew Miele’s “fully authorized” documentary about a famed valuables association Tiffany Co. Continuing a sell mania displayed in a director’s Scatter My Ashes during Bergdorf’s, Crazy About Tiffany’s resembles a arrange of promotional film many reasonably showcased during association meetings. Those preoccupied by a princely code will no doubt swoon, though infrequent viewers will find it small some-more than a feature-length infomercial.

The film provides a cursory story of a sell establishment, from a 1837 initial as a imagination stationery store by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young to a 1845 origination of a “Blue Book,” a initial mail method catalogue, to Tiffany’s 1866 origination of a complicated rendezvous ring. (Regarding a last, we consider we pronounce for all organisation when we contend thanks. Thanks a lot.)

But a chronological background, including Charles’ son Louis Comfort Tiffany holding over in 1902 and remaking a code with his insubordinate designs–in such areas as stained glass, ceramics, metalwork and enamels–takes a backseat to an hearing of a company’s informative impact. An heterogeneous organisation of celebrities delivers commentary, including Jessica Biel, Baz Luhrmann, Fran Liebowitz, Rob Marshall, Rachel Zoe, executive Sam Taylor Johnson (50 Shades of Grey)  and Jennifer Tilly.

Tilly, who admits to holding roles in bad cinema only for a income to compensate for her costly valuables robe (ah, that explains a lot), proudly shows off a beautiful badge pinned on her chest.

“I’m unequivocally a fan of big, large pieces,” she explains, as a camera leeringly delivers a close-up of her plenty breasts.

Katie Couric also provides some commentary, after that she playfully asks a crew, “Do we know how to give good f—ing sound bites or what?” creation we like her all a more. We see footage of her 50th birthday celebration hold during a flagship store, that seems like a many fun eventuality ever to that we weren’t invited.

Not surprisingly, there are countless film and radio clips featuring a store, with, we guessed it, Breakfast during Tiffany’s presumption a distinguished role. We learn that in lapse for being authorised to film on a Fifth Avenue premises, Paramount supposing Audrey Hepburn for a glamorous print fire that done her a face of a brand.

Other films featured embody Bride Wars (in that a famed small blue box is treated like a holy relic), The Great Gatsby and Sweet Home Alabama. Andy Tennant, who destined a last, talks about how a studio requested a flashier offer stage for Patrick Dempsey and Reese Witherspoon. Tennant thankful with a method set in a store after-hours that was sell porn for many womanlike viewers. 

For each engaging segment, such as one clinging to a many U.S. presidents who have been a store’s business (Lincoln, both Roosevelts, Ike and JFK, among others), there’s another that sets your teeth on edge, such as when a sales clerk  binds adult a $923,000 rendezvous ring to a camera.

“Still a bargain,” he says cheerfully.

Blithely traversing a theme like a diversion of Trivial Pursuit—do we unequivocally need to know a birth of a ’90s cocktail strain “Breakfast during Tiffany’s,” by one-hit consternation Deep Blue Something?—the film, distinct a million dollar gem, fast loses a luster.

Production: Quixotic Endeavors

Distributor: Gravitas Ventures

Director/screenwriter: Matthew Miele

Producer/director of photography/editor: Justin Bare

Executive producers: Stephen McCarthy, Clive Gerson

Composers: Ryan Beatty, Daniel Warren

Not rated, 87 min.