Cowardly Donald Trump Sends Jeff Sessions Out To Officially Announce Plans To Phase Out Obama’s DACA Program!

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Don’t dream it’s over yet, Dreamers.

The Trump administration has strictly announced it is phasing out a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program over a subsequent 6 months.

This process protects roughly 800,000 people — immature people lifted in America, mind we — from deportation, and Trump’s guarantee to take it divided has been regarded as one of a cruelest decisions done by a boss in complicated history.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a preference on Tuesday during a Department of Justice, observant Homeland Security had been asked to control an “orderly, official wind-down” of a “unconstitutional” module implemented by Barack Obama in 2012.

Those who were brought into a US illegally as children had been postulated proxy insurance from deportation due to Obama’s executive action.

Now, it looks like their fates are in a hands of Congress, that has 6 months to pass a law that would umpire a standing of these Dreamers — and POTUS is already counting down a days:

No one now on DACA will be impacted before Mar 5, 2018.

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