Country Star Cody Johnson Says His Daughters Imitate His Performances: ‘Daddy We’re Like You!’

Like father — like daughters!

Cody Johnson might have to spend a lot of time on a road, though many of a time a nation star gets to move his mother Brandi and their dual daughters — 3-year-old Clara Mae and 18-month-old Cori — along.

“We’re really advantageous — my mother and my dual girls get to come with me a lot on a bus. We got a possess train only for that,” a frontman of a Cody Johnson Band tells PEOPLE Now. “And when you’re gonna go on a lead singer’s train we consider you’re gonna see a lot of things, not toys and diapers everywhere, though that’s generally what it looks like.”

“Big million dollar daycare center,” he joked.

Johnson also common that his children have already picked adult a thing or dual about behaving from examination their father onstage.

“They watch daddy play and they get in a vital room in their small buoyant residence and get their microphones and play their small guitars and roar during a tip of their lungs, ‘Daddy, I’m like you,’ ” he pronounced with a laugh. “And I’m going, ‘Oh God, I’ve busted them.”

Cody Johnson

Johnson, whose new singular “On My Way to You,” was expelled Friday, went on to share that should his daughters continue following in a father’s footsteps in a song industry, he won’t try and indicate them in another direction.

“You know, we didn’t connoisseur college, we didn’t have a lot of direction. we truly feel like that was what we was meant to do. So we inspire my girls to do whatever they wish to do,” he explained.

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Continuing, he added, “I don’t wish them to feel like they have to go into a song business since I’ve been in it. we wish them to be means to follow their dreams with a same volume of passion that I’ve chased mine. Whatever that might be. I’m gonna support them 100 percent.”

Cody Johnson

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Johnson, who recently sealed a understanding with Warner Music Nashville after years of being an eccentric artist, went on to explain since he finally took a plunge.

“We’ve been offering a lot of deals in a past, and they were really much, ‘We wish full control, we wish to etch where we go, what we do, how we look, how we sound,’ ” he explained, adding that Warner Music Nashville were “the initial people that came to a list and said, ‘We don’t wish to change a thing.”

The musician went on to share that his longtime fans shouldn’t be concerned, since positively zero about his song is going to change.

To illustrate this point, Johnson explained that his new album, called Ain’t Nothing to It, was available “completely before a understanding was done.”

“So It’s true adult and down a same thing we would have gotten if we hadn’t sealed a deal,” he added.

Johnson’s new singular “On My Way to You” came out Friday and fast shot to No. 1 on iTunes on a nation as good as a all genres chart.