Corinne Olympios’ Boyfriend Is Staying By Her Side — And Asking Why SHE Can’t Review The Bachelor In Paradise Footage!

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Warner Bros. might have dismissed a claims Corinne Olympios was too dipsomaniac to agree during a passionate confront on Bachelor In Paradise, though there are copiousness of people still in her dilemma — not a slightest of that is her boyfriend, Jordan Gielchinsky.

In box we hadn’t heard, approbation Corinne has a boyfriend, and from what we’ve listened she done it transparent to him before she left for a island that she would NOT be carrying sex with anyone on a show.

Apparently what went down with DeMario Jackson doesn’t count opposite their understanding since she was blacked out during a time.

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Jordan has had Corinne’s behind by this whole ordeal, and apparently a footage examination has not dissuaded him.

According to TMZ, Jordan has told friends he thinks Warners is only perplexing to brush this whole thing underneath a carpet so they don’t remove their uncover — privately he’s dissapoint Corinne and her authorised group didn’t get a same observation privileges as DeMario’s team.

It does seem rough a approach Warner Bros. is doing this — though it’s not like they’re only going to recover that sex footage to a open either. Right?

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