Corey Feldman Ticketed On Misdemeanor Marijuana And Traffic Charges In Louisiana

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A tiny city military dialect in Louisiana had to jail Corey Feldman overnight after a thespian and former child star was arrested on pot and trade charges.

On Saturday dusk in Mangham, Louisiana, military officers pulled over Corey Feldman’s debate train for speeding.

Unbelievably, Feldman himself was pushing a train — and he had a dangling permit during a time, heading to a initial citation.

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In further to that, Mangham cops searched a train and found both pot and medication pills — and Feldman finished adult being cited with possession of marijuana, speeding, and pushing with a dangling license.

Feldman fast paid a excellent and was expelled to go about his business.

He tweeted about a distress (below):

The rope had been on their approach to play a Live Oaks Bar and Ballroom in circuitously Monroe, Louisiana that night before they got stopped — it appears, of course, that a uncover was called off.

For what it’s worth, a organisation has another show tonight in Houston — and Feldman, tweeting about his whole ordeal, has indicated it’ll go off as planned.

Let’s only wish everybody is OK and a prescriptions come out so charges will go away!

[Image around FayesVision/WENN.]

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